Lukas Geschwind

About me and my work

My path led me from my studies in theater in the social fields, to dance and performance art, to somatic practices, to body-oriented coaching processes.

In recent years I have deepened my knowledge in the field of somatic bodywork with a special focus on topics of sexuality and intimacy. It inspires me to see how people gain access to their creative potential and their life energy by getting to know and expressing themselves in their desires, limits and deep longings. It touches me to explore the influence of sexuality on our ability to relate and our feeling of connectedness and how it influences our sense of belonging in the world.

The body as the interface between inside and outside is of central importance for my work: Access can be found through the body to make (social) topics and structures visible and to transform them on a personal and collective level. For me, working with the body and sexuality always has a socio-political component. In general, I work in a gender-aware, resource-oriented and trauma-sensitive way.

First of all in my offer to you, I see myself as a person who enables space and accompanies you in exploring it. You can look around, search, track down, find, linger, rest, experience. Go at your own pace to find out what makes you special right now and where your vitality wants to go. Questioning your own intimate and sexual nature, how it would like to show and express itself with you, in your (love-) relationships and in the world… I will accompany you in your process with curiosity, empathy and fine precision, finding out what supports you for the next steps you want to take.

Main focus

Hier geht's zu deiner Session

The bodyworkers of our network work on their own terms.
A Sexological Bodywork session typically lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours and costs between 100 and 280 Euro.