Sensible work demands responsibility

In our network we are convinced that an awareness of power and trust dynamics in the context of bodywork in general and in the context of sexuality in specific demands particular consideration. Transparency and responsibility are essential aspects of our work. Respecting the boundaries and needs of our clients and upholding a consensual communication are necessary foundations of our relationship to our clients.

The European Association of Sexological Bodyworkers (EASB) publishes ethical guidelines for Sexological Bodywork. The members of our Berlin network are committing themselves to these ethical guidelines. Many members of our network are also members of the EASB.

When you have experienced a situation where a member of our network has wantonly or negligently violated his*her duty of responsibility or the ethical guidelines, we would like to support you reporting the issue in a confidential and sensitive way.

In such cases you can get in touch with the complaint address of the EASB ( You can also get in touch with our network directly. Please mail primarily to Katja or Nico, alternatively to Mareen. You can send from an anonymous address in case anonymity is important to you.

The following questions will help us claryfing your concern as close to your own needs as possible:
  • What confidentiality is important to you in that concern?
  • What precisely happened?
  • What is a desired outcome for you when reporting the concern?