Cuco Wallraff

About me and my work

I am an MD and sexological bodyworker as well as a massage therapist working out of my own private practice. After many years of continuous training, I first worked as a natural health practitioner and went to med school in 2015 at Charité University Berlin where I received my medical license in 2023.

My focus is sex therapy, psychosomatics, complementary medicine and acupuncture.

Do you have difficulties in your relationship or in experiencing and enjoying your own pleasure? Are there somatic and/or emotional challenges and are you looking for personal and non-judgmental support and a way to deal with your individual issues? Do you love your partner, but physical love is falling by the wayside? Do you suffer from premature ejaculation or do you feel like you can’t have orgasms? Perhaps you are preoccupied with sexual issues that are shameful or even frightening?

Mindfulness in a safe space is perhaps the most important part of a healing treatment. Regardless of the challenges you bring with you as issues: the basis of my treatment is always a respectful, loving and empathic approach. My sessions are individually tailored to your personal wishes and needs. Together we will discuss what you would like to experience or achieve.

I work with people. Regardless of any sexual orientation or gender identity. Treatment is based on empathy, intuition and the perception of what seems necessary for you at that moment.

I have been working with clients as a bodyworker for over 40 years, drawing on many years of experience in dance and theater as well as osteopathy, rolfing and other forms of bodywork.

Write me an email with your request and we can discuss in advance in a non-binding free-of-charge telephone conversation whether I can accompany you on your path.

Main focus

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The bodyworkers of our network work on their own terms.
A Sexological Bodywork session typically lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours and costs between 100 and 280 Euro.