Peter Wolf

About me and my work

I started bodywork as an addition to my main job. I am a midwife and in the multifaceted attendance and counselling of pregnant people I experience the limitations of the spoken word when (past) body experiences want to come to light, but no cognitive access is possible. The somatic approach of Sexological Bodywork opens up completely new possibilities with embodied understanding and transformation.

With the combination midwifery and Sexological Bodywork, my offer may be interesting for you if you wish for somatic accompaniment while getting or being pregnant. I also offer advice on the re-engagement with sexuality after birth, or when postpartum changes in pleasure, parental sexuality, couple dynamics etc. lead to discomfort. The treatment of scars is another focus, same as all pelvic floor topics.

Regardless of pregnancy and birth, you can address me if you experience pain of any kind with sexual activity, or if you experience acute or chronic suffering due to vaginal, anal or other symptoms. I also like to accompany you somaticly as a supplement to medical treatment or psychotherapy.

Besides this rather problem-centered bodywork, I also like to offer Sexological Bodywork to satisfy your curiosity. It doesn’t matter whether you want to explore or develop your own sexuality in a broader sense, or whether you want to start your own research on a specific question.

I am curious, discovery-driven and playful, which is an advantage in the often very exploratory sessions. At the same time, I am careful and attentive and can accompany you in your learning and research with a strong intuition. People appreciate my calm and considerate manner, which can be an anchor in more emotionally transformative processes.

Main focus

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Eine übliche Sexological Bodywork Session dauert zwischen 1.5 und 3 Stunden und liegt preislich zwischen 100 und 280 Euro.