Mareike Schuldt

About me and my work

As a result of numerous study trips and several long stays abroad, some of which were for work, I feel at home in many cultures around the world. I love getting to know different worldviews and bringing people from diverse contexts together. These experiences and skills shape my actions.

Working in the inclusive education system for 20 years, I look for and offer opportunities for networking for contemporary sex education/sexual education that is sensitive to culture, religion and worldview, especially in educational institutions. I am also interested in cooperation with health counseling institutions and the like for the implementation of workshops or sex education offers. I would like to bring external providers to the school where I work, but also to support institutions and organizations myself. A barrier-free, diversity-oriented and privilege-sensitive implementation of the content is particularly important to me.

In addition to my training at the Institute for Somatic Education, Sexuality and Bodywork Berlin (ISB) as a sexological bodyworker and coach for somatics and sexuality – Somatic Sex Education, I am a trained yoga teacher for adults and children/adolescents (Sivananda Yoga), nature educator (Blattwerk Naturpädagogik Berlin) and know art therapy methods. My strength is to creatively design a mindful, trauma-sensitive and resource-oriented space for learning experiences. Impartiality, empathy, imagination and clear, sensitive language form the framework for my work.

My search and my offer are aimed at institutions, organizations, sponsors or associations that are dedicated to education, sex education and/or health. I do not give sessions for individuals or couples.

Main focus

Hier geht's zu deiner Session

The bodyworkers of our network work on their own terms.
A Sexological Bodywork session typically lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours and costs between 100 and 280 Euro.