About me and my work

Are you unhappy, lost or confused? Maybe you want to experience more pleasure and love in your life?

The sessions with me are led by the participants. This experience is for you! You guide how it unfolds. I’m here to serve and support you.

In Sexological Bodywork sessions we usually start with some talking. This is a learning experience and it’s important to know what kind of encounter you want. It’s critical to get clear about what is going to happen. If there is touch, then consent and boundaries are super important. Then when the container is co-created the person decides if they want to be clothed, in underwear or naked. The touch between us is ‘one way’ – from me to you only. The practice can be arousing, and at the same time safe, negotiated and educational.

I am super passionate about this work. I’m a sex-positive activist, and dream of a world where people can feel great in their bodies. A world of healthy relationships and profound erotic lives.

How I work – Narrative Therapy, Mindful Awareness, Non-linear meandering, Strength based, Participant lead, Creatively, Somatically, Inspired by Indigenous traditions

My values – Honesty, Courage, Openness, Emotions, Growth, Learning, Relationship, Spirituality

Qualifications and Training – B.Science Melbourne University, Associate Dip Visual Art RMIT, Dip Education Melbourne University, M.Sc Sexual Health Syndey University, Certificate Sexological Bodywork, Trauma-informed practice, LGBTIQA+ inclusive practice. Narrative therapy.

Main focus

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Eine übliche Sexological Bodywork Session dauert zwischen 1.5 und 3 Stunden und liegt preislich zwischen 100 und 280 Euro.