Iva Samina

About me and my work

It’s my deepest pleasure and passion to accompany people in discovering and fulfilling their truest expression, their deepest passion, their most vibrant creativity. It is also a matter close to my heart in making a contribution to a liberated sexual-culture in this world:  with humor, depth and wholeness. In the work that I offer, I give consciously directed impulses, and create an open space for you to find your own truth through resonance & awareness.

Working with Sexological Bodywork can help you to expand your own field of perception: personal processes are stimulated and supported through various methods and techniques. Within the held-framework, new perspectives are formed towards our desires and longings, as well as our inner-conflicts.  Awareness of your own strengths and problem-solving skills can be developed and expanded.

In my work–and with what I value–I view people as unique and autonomous:  I respect the unique path of your life, your truth, and your own tempo, and my intention is to support your own individual journey and wisdom.

My workshops and sessions create a safe space for those that are curious to research their bodies and their lives – beyond age, gender and relationship status. It’s my honor in supporting you to find new ways in creating an authentically sensual and vibrant expression.

As for my own path, I grew up in various living-environments between Germany and Italy and–in addition to my knowledge as a sexologist–draw on my wealth of life-experiences: as an alternative-practitioner, coach, hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing obstetrician, young mother of three daughters, as well as having a curious body as a sexuality researcher. An important focus of my work is the valuing of the “female principle”:  which tends to lead our minds and bodies away from the dominance of rational thinking and analysis, towards the powers of allowing softness, intuition, deep feeling, relaxation and slowness.

Main focus

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The bodyworkers of our network work on their own terms.
A Sexological Bodywork session typically lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours and costs between 100 and 280 Euro.