About me and my work

I accompany people in exploring the possibilities of more connected, simpler and enjoyable pathways in areas they may find difficult, threatening or disconnected within their sexual life. As a somatic sex educator, I give support to making the big steps the client is looking for by carefully discovering together the smaller steps. I transmit through the practices that if we only focus on the problems, we will continue to experience problems throughout our life. Instead, if we invite ourselves to feel what is alive, we can expand our limits even beyond what we thought was possible.

I hold a Certification as a Sexological Bodyworker, together with extensive experience in movement research and Feldenkrais Method. This combination brings the possibility of working with movement, consciousness and sensation in unique ways.

“The appeal of mindfulness is the freedom that we experience and the sense of flow and fluidity that comes when we are present to but not identified with our thoughts, feelings, and sensations” Laurence Heller.

Main focus

  • Approaching to genital and anal touch in different modalities: meditations, trance,massage, mappings & self-touch
  • Embodiment and self-esteem work
  • Experiencing embodied consent
  • Nervous system relaxation & muscular regulation for sexual practices
  • Scar tissue remediation
  • Group engagement and learning

Book your session

The bodyworkers of our network work on their own terms.
A Sexological Bodywork session typically lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours and costs between 100 and 280 Euro.